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Builders Licence NSW Requirements

Issues declaring your builders licence NSW experience? Then keep reading for an alternative pathway.

Not everyone meets the qualification and mandatory 2 years experience required for a builders licence NSW issued by Fair Trading. This can be due to a number of reasons which are out of your control.

This is why National Trade Licensing was established.

If you have on-site experience as a NSW builder but with no qualification, or a qualification with experience that doesn’t fit the requirements, National Trade Licensing can offer an alternative pathway which has been used successfully for years.    

National Trade Licensing prides itself on offering realistic advice and builders conditions that fits your skill set. There’s no point applying for a NSW builders licence with multiple builders conditions if your chances of passing are slim.

We personally guide you through the builders licence NSW process every step of the way to get the results you want. This also includes Home Building Compensation (if needed).

Interested? Then keep reading below about this process.

About this Process

If you don’t have the qualification but have the experience, or have the qualification but experience that doesn’t fit the requirements, this is the process to obtain a builders licence NSW.


  • National Trade Licensing assesses your experience/qualifications
  • We recommend realistic builders conditions suitable for NSW licensing
  • We apply for a builders licence online, you wait 6 weeks (approx) 
  • You sit the video conference technical interview using our resources
  • Once approved, we complete the paperwork to be recognised by NSW
  • You can commence work in NSW approx 4 weeks later.


Make sure to read our FAQ below which expands on the process.

Builders licence NSW

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Looking for some quick answers?

The FAQ should answer your builders licence  NSW query.


Why have I not heard of this alternative pathway before?

Good question! It has existed for many years but builders have generally applied for the wrong interstate licensing conditions relevant to their experience which results in low pass rates. No one likes to mention on-site they failed an interview on how to do their job. National Trade Licensing will reduce the risk and offer case-by-case advice to builders licence NSW applicants. 

What are the fees?

Fees vary based on the type of builders conditions you apply for, the categories it falls under and the government fee it attracts. National Trade Licensing has two types of fees and we will happily provide you with a quote once we understand what type of builders licenses NSW you’re seeking.

What are the resources for the video conferencing interview?

When you are booked in to sit the video conferencing technical interview, you will have approximately 6 weeks of preparation time. National Trade Licensing will provide an online link to all the relevant resources, with key areas highlighted to assist you study. As long as you put the time in to study, you give yourself the best opportunity to pass the interview.

Will you complete all my paperwork?

Yes we will. We submit your initial online application plus have easy to use templates ready for you to complete. If you pass the interview, we will complete your builders licence NSW paperwork. If government paperwork needs to be submitted in person, we will pass this paperwork onto you as it’s a legal requirement you physically submit the paperwork.

Why should I trust you know what you're doing?

Sam from National Trade Licensing has been involved in builders licensing for the last 12 years. This includes experience in lodging paperwork, interview preparation and licensing compliance. He has been able to keep a strong customer and industry base because of his realistic advice, support and guidance. National Trade Licensing is here to help builders licence NSW applicants achieve licence conditions using their relevant experience.

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